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Dear Mustachiers,


On behalf of the 2015 Muschaches and Friends event committee, I would like to start with a huge THANK YOU to all those that attended, supported, and helped make the 2015 Mustaches and Friends Dinner such an incredible event. A special thank you to the Rancho de Nossa Senhora de Fátima de Cumberland a Portuguese Folk Dance Group and to Narciso Correia and his amigos das concertinas!. They were absolutely amazing and we hope they will come back soon!


Thank you to President Diana Hormanski, The Madeira Club Executive Committee, The Madeira Club Ladies Auxiliary Committee, Moe's Auto of Pawtucket and also High Street Market of Cumberland for donating raffle prizes!

We are very proud of everyone who donated time and money to this event.


The overall event truly felt like a big family reunion, which is exactly what we were hoping to inspire. Thank you for being an amazing community.



Marco C. Pais



46 Madeira Avenue Central Falls, RI 02860 401.726.9449

2015 Committee

  • Carlos Bordalo
  • Marco Pais
  • Joaquim Borges
  • Joe Lopes
  • Tony Loura
  • Narciso Correia
  • Victor "Moe" Lopes


Marco Pais

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