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    Club Sport Uniao Madeirense

    46 Madeira Avenue
    Central Falls, RI 02863

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    (401) 726-9449

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    Please attend the next General Assembly Meeting for dues payment!




Our yearly membership fee (DUES) are now being collected. Please be reminded that the fee is $30 per year, if collected thru March 31st and will be $35 if paid after this date. Dues may be paid at the Club by leaving your fee, name and or ID card with the bartenders, or by contacting any member of the Executive Board or by contacting Carlos Duarte who is responsible for the collection and coordination of all dues being collected for the year 2010. Please ensure previous year dues are up to date. If you have any questions or concerns about previous year dues, please contact Carlos Duarte and we will resolve all concerns mutually, to ensure we maintain your membership effective at our Club.
For new memberships, an application form must  be completed with sponsorship from an existing member in good standing, and approved by the Board of Directors,  Fiscal Committee and General Assembly. Applications are available at the Club, or downloaded from the following link:
Thank you to all existing members for your support and consideration, and to all interested candidates in joining our membership, we welcome you and look forward to your involvement in support of the goals and growth of our Club.



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