7th Annual Golf Tournament

Madeira Club Golf Tournament

10th Annual Tournament

The Madeira Club Golf Committee invites you to participate in Madeira’s Tenth Annual Golf Tournament. In 2017, the event is scheduled to be on Monday, May 8th at the Pawtucket Country Club in, Pawtucket RI. Food and beverages will be served on the golf course at no additional cost; as usual it will be followed by appetizers & dinner at MADEIRA CLUB! Our tournaments have been a great success, with many golfers participating last year and in prior years. This year we promise to be even better, but nothing is possible without your generosity and involvement.

Please register  a.s.a.p. as we expect to sell out again! Thank you in advance for your support, but no later than 
April 23rd 2017.


Dinner will be served around 6:30PM!

46 Madeira Avenue Central Falls, RI 02860 401.726.9449

2017 Committee


Carlos Duarte



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