Madeira Club Scholarship Fund

Academic Scholarships Eligibility


  1. Two $1000 scholarships are to be considered for members or children of active members of:

A. 2 or more years, and membership dues up to date.

  1. B. Applicants entering their first year of college with a minimum GPA of 3.0 will take preference.
  2. If there are not enough first year applicants, the scholarship committee will consider other applicants pursuing a Bachelor’s
  3. Degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

  4. C. Qualifying applicants can only receive a maximum of 4 scholarships or until a Bachelor’s Degree is attained.

  5. D. The number of scholarships can change at any year, assuming the financial status of the club, opinion of the Fiscal Committee, and the approval of the General Assembly.

  6. E. Scholarship applications should be available by July 15th, in order to have recipients awarded at the Anniversary Dinner.

F. All checks will be made and paid to the college or university attended by the student.



Scholarship Recipients and Donors


Scolarship Recipients 2014

Victoria Lopes

Scholarship Donors 2014

Golf Tournament Committee


Scolarship Recipients 2013

Louis Catarina
Joseph Andrade

Quim Murta


Scholarship Donors 2013

Golf Tournament Committee



2012 Recipients

Victoria Correia
Chantel Loura
Aaron Catarina


Golf Tournament Committee





(more info coming soon)

Scholarship Donors 2009

Joseph I. Ferreira
Blackstone Auto Sales

Honorable Kenneth Vaudreuil
State Representative, District 57

Honorable Charles D. Moreau
Mayor, City of Central Falls

Club S. U. Madeirense
Golf Tournament Committee

Scholarship Recipients 2009

Cassandra Duarte
Derek Nobrega
Jennifer Andrade
Marco Pais
Jasmin Rojas

Scholarship Donors 2008

Mr. Luis Renato Agrela, Rhody Rug, Inc
Mr. Joseph I. Ferreira, Blackstone Auto Body
Mayor Charles Moreau, City of Central Falls
Golf Tournament Committee

Scholarship Recipients 2008

Derek Nobrega
Jillian A. Roberts
Monica Pereira
Jason Agonia
Elizabeth A. Agonia
Jennifer Andrade
Stephanie Agonia


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